Computer Lab

The Institute has a spacious Computer Lab to develop the computer skills of the Students. The basics of Computers are being taught for each batch.

A computer lab is a cluster of computers that usually are networked and available for use by the Gurukul Private Industrial Training Institute student. Computer Lab is frequently used by MSCIT and MSACIT, DIE, DEC, Electrical, Plumber and Welder, course students for making their seminar presentation. Almost all computer labs computer having Internet connection, offer users access to the Internet and provide software that student can use to do research and complete their homework or that others, such as making .ppt, might need for other purposes. We also provide printing facility to our student in our computer lab.

In a computer lab there is the protection and restrictions within networks available to the student and staff. Users might be denied access to websites featuring adult content, entertainment or sites that demand too much bandwidth. Those using a computer lab also usually are allowed a limited amount of time to be signed onto a machine, whether surfing the Internet or using software to do other work.